5 to 25+ metres, delivered and installed


Under the name ‘KerstbomenXL’, GROEN-Direkt sells large Christmas trees to, among others, malls, hotels, restaurants, businesses, municipalities, garden centres and gardeners.

GROEN-Direkt has a suitable offer for every question and budget. It is possible to collect the tree yourself, but you can also have it delivered, placed, fitted with lights and baubles, taken down and disposed of. For stable placement of the large trees, GROEN-Direkt supplies various concrete and steel feet, suitable for the size of the tree and the location where it is to be placed.

Full service:

From start to finish

If you opt for full service, you will be completely relieved of all worries. After the quotation is approved, a schedule for the tree’s installation is drawn up together with the client. The tree is reserved and the digging and transport is planned. For the transport GROEN-Direkt uses its own low loaders. One or more (telescopic) cranes are used both to cut the tree and to place it.


where you might have seen our trees before

proud of

our own trees

Our trees, almost always of the species Picea abies or Abies Nordmanniana, are distinguished by their perfect quality.

The trees come from responsibly managed forests and plantations; largely from our own production (approximately 40 hectares of nursery stock) from the Ardennes and partly from Germany. This means that for every tree that is dug up, sufficient replanting takes place and the range is guaranteed for the future. Each tree is slected individually and with great care by GROEN-Direkt.

It is known well in advance exactly which sizes are available at which locations. This method of working means that the Christmas trees can be dug up and transported at a late stage, so that their shelf life remains optimal.

suddenly there’s a Christmas tree


The process of placing a ‘Christmas tree XL’ takes place in an intensive, short period of time. Work platforms and cranes are used for the installation. For the placement itself, GROEN-Direkt has developed special feet, which make bracing unnecessary. This allows the Christmas tree to be placed in the middle of a square, without passers-by tripping over lines or breaking up the paving. Placement takes place at the planned time, subject to weather conditions.