This statement states how GROEN-Direkt deals with the privacy of its business relations.
GROEN-Direkt Boskoop B.V. is located at Noorwegenlaan 37, 2391 PW Hazerswoude-Dorp, the Netherlands and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 29025168.
This Privacy Statement may be amended in the future as required by law or regulation, or as views change.
Even before this statement was drawn up, GROEN-Direkt always handled the personal data of its business relations with care. This statement doesn’t change that beyond the fact that a few aspects are better streamlined in detail.

The surfing behaviour of every visitor to the GROEN-Direkt site is recorded and linked to the IP address. With this, GROEN-Direkt tries to optimize the operation of the site. Your visit to the GROEN-Direkt website is secured with an SSL certificate.
The surfing behaviour of visitors who log in with a user name and a password is recorded and linked to the user name.

Your Personal Data

If GROEN-Direkt collects and records personal data from you, it will only do so from existing and potential business relations. The purpose of recording these data is to enable business transactions to be carried out and to inform (potential) business relations. GROEN-Direkt frequently informs active relations and periodically informs inactive and potential relations.
Of course, GROEN-Direkt has recorded more data on its employees. Every employee is personally aware of the GROEN-Direkt Privacy Policy on this point and this policy also meets the legal requirements.
Newsletters are sent via Mailchimp. Company name, contact person and email address are automatically stored in Mailchimp.
Your personal data will be further recorded in the GROEN-Direkt database. This database is protected by a password linked to a user. Users are employees of GROEN-Direkt or persons hired on behalf of GROEN-Direkt. The database is protected from external access by security software with recent updates.

Should GROEN-Direkt share personal data with third parties, it will be for the purpose as set out in this statement. We do not share more data than necessary with third parties and we have a Processing Agreement from them. Otherwise, your personal data will not be made available or sold to third parties.
You have the right to inspect your personal data, you can have your personal data adjusted and deleted provided this is not in violation of applicable laws and regulations.
Do you have any questions about the Privacy Policy of GROEN-Direkt? Please send an e-mail to You can also use this e-mail address if you have any questions about your data.