Year of establishment 1996
Number of employees 15 fixed and up to 100 flexible
Size of industrial building 15.000M2 interior space and 43 docks
Turnover 100,000 CC carts per year
Suppliers 600 from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
Buyers Garden centres and trading companies from Europe
Number of fairs Annually about 30
Number of samples 2500 to 6000 samples per fair
Concepts 25 concepts with up to 4000 parties
Number of PPP exhibitors 10 to 50. 150 at the spring and autumn fair
Unique products 20,000 per year
Smallest pot size 0,3 liter
Largest pot size 250 litres
Logistics Up to 300 trucks per day
Docking time Average 10-15 minutes
Grower shipping Within 20 hours
Delivery to customers 36 hours after the fair
Webshop 100,000 visits per year
Christmas trees 150,000 per year
Large Christmas Trees Hundreds of trees up to 25 metres high


The largest green marketplace in Europe

GROEN-Direkt is the largest green marketplace in Europe and brings together supply and demand for plants. The most beautiful visual fare is shown at the fairs 30 times a year in an extremely efficient manner.

At the same time, the webshop is completely updated every week with thousands of new batches; each with current sample photos!
GROEN-Direkt stands for quality, visuality, customer satisfaction and reliability! The unique supply and demand system at the fairs and online is an up-to-date reflection of the entire market, where the latest developments are monitored. With the extensive range, efficient logistics and smart ordering systems, GROEN-Direkt contributes to your success.

Sustainable and efficient; now and in the future

GROEN-Direkt takes its responsibility for sustainable business practices and strives for satisfied customers, safe working conditions and responsible environmental policies. In a way that creates a good balance between the idealistic pursuit of sustainable business and commercial reality.

  • Energy-saving measures such as waste separation and energy-saving measures.
  • Energy efficient building
  • Corporate social responsibility is reflected in our personnel policy and working atmosphere.
  • Participation in the MPS quality mark

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Bedrijfsfilm (2013)
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Hoe werkt een handelsbeurs? (2012)
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About GROEN-Direkt (English subtitles)
About GROEN-Direkt (English subtitles)