Betula nana ’Golden Treasure’®

This unique yellow-leaf dwarf Betula (birch) grows into a compact, spherical shape that is a genuine eye-catcher, whether cultivated as shrub or grafted on a stem. It is exceptionally well-suited for terraces, rock gardens or gardens. This variety is particularly suited to smaller gardens.
The leaves are small, with fine veins, colouring bright yellow-green in spring and golden in summer.
Betula ‘Golden Treasure’ is a variety that grows rather slowly – only about 10cm a year – and will retain its typical, compact shape through regular pruning.
‘Golden Treasure’ is very winter-hardy and suitable for planting in every well-irrigated type of soil. Plant the Betula in the sun or in a partly shaded area and enjoy the wealth of a ‘golden pearl’ in your garden! Plant breeders’ rights apply.